Tina Mickelson Photo Shoot Playing Through Golf

Tina Mickelson with John and company at Santaluz.

“Playing Through with John Weisbarth” is a new kind of golf show. It begins at a local driving range with a simple question for an unsuspecting mark, “Do you want to golf with me”?

Once we get a yes, that golfer is whisked away for an all expense paid round at that week’s designated course…but that is just the beginning. During the round we offer our “Lucky Golfer” a chance to win various prizes (rounds of golf, equipment, dinner gift certificates, apparel ect.) by completing interesting, and sometimes outrageous challenges on the golf course.

It’s light-hearted, entertaining fun that golfers, and non-golfers alike, will be talking about all week long.

About John Weisbarth

John Weisbarth

John Weisbarth

With more then a decade of live television experience and 6 regional Emmy Awards to his name, John Weisbarth brings his high energy and award winning style to every project he touches. Whether it’s hosting History’s UnScrewed, a competition reality show, at the helm of Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Live, or anchoring the San Diego Padres pre and postgame shows, John’s easygoing and confident demeanor shines through.

Quick witted and affable, he’s not afraid to laugh at himself, and John’s ability to connect with people is one of his greatest assets. In his latest project, Playing Through with John Weisbarth, John gets to show off his love of golf while treating a lucky “weekend warrior” to the round of his life. Beautiful courses, incredible prizes and some of the wildest games you’ve ever seen on the links…all punctuated by the easy smiles and unique entertainment we have come to expect from John.

Married in 2008, John, his wife Megan and their son Jake make their home in San Diego.

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